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This is Who We Are

We are the kindred spirits of adventure who find a deep fulfillment and sense of being in the outdoors. We revel in the weathering of a blizzard, the surfing of snow or water, and coming home battered from the storms of our lives with smiles on our weary faces and another story that will not soon leave the mind.

Our lifestyle is something that lives in our souls. The ice of winter runs in our veins long after the last snows have melted and the callous of rock never leaves the memory of our hands.

As an international team, we have each our backgrounds, unique experiences, and insights that make Niseko Zen special. Shaped by the waterways and mountains of Hokkaido, we strive to be hyphens to fully explore and enjoy this island. 

We are united in our ideas on why we roam, how we play, and where we play. Hokkaido is our playground. Let us show you.


Josh Sellens - Skier - Snowboarder - Kitesurfer - Mountainbiker - Surfer - Tea Connoisseur Kendama specialist - Cofounder 

Josh hails from the island nation of New Zealand ​and has a penchant for backcountry chai lattes. He pretty much lives in ski boots during the winters, chasing steep and deep lines across Hokkaido, sipping that always inviting, piping hot tea above the most exhilarating skiing this island has to offer. 

When the weather turns warm, the waterman in him wakes up and when the skis are finally storage waxed (on the border of spring and summer), the kites and surfboards take priority. Oh, that and beachside campfires after a hardy day at sea.


Saki Hayashi - Skier - Snowboarder - Surfer - Juggler - Director -  Cofounder

Saki first learned to ski while visiting japan at the age of 9, has progressed his freeskiing through the years and can often be found above some of the many inspiring canvases on this island. Since then, the island has proven to be endless inspiration on the quest of the year round adventures

With the changing of seasons also comes the changing of the medium across which he slides. Replacing snow with water, Saki swaps hunting for snowstorms with searching for swell, whether knee deep or overhead. 

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