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Camping Tours

Moving from the frontcountry into the backcountry and staying out in the wilderness, away from veins of civilization and cell signals is a welcome analog getaway into slow and deliberate living.

In the backcountry, life is distilled to its essence: meaning the rhythm of walking, setting up camp, finding fresh water, cooking, keeping warm, sleeping, and waking, all become considered and deliberate acts.

Traveling at a slow and deliberate pace, dictated by whimsy and our tents mean we can walk at any speed and set up camp at any place. Alternatively, the many huts, managed by university mountain clubs and prefectural projects mean we can go "fast and light," travelling from hut-to-hut without the need to carry shelter.

Whether you wish to camp by the sea or in the mountains, we can make it happen!


Pacific Coast.


Sunrise in the depths of Daisetsuzan National Park next to the last remnants of winter.


Camping on the beach next to a wild onsen that gets its refills from the sea.


Camping at the break for sunrise.


Breakfast at camp.

DSCF5850 (1).jpg

Eating like the locals.

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