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Backcountry Hiking

In between the rivers and roads that crisscross this island are a multitude of public lands where the right to roam brings us through forests and wetlands up to the alpine and down into lush valleys.

The crown jewels of Hokkaido National parks are Daisetsuzan National Park, Japan's largest national park and Shiretoko National Park, a Unesco World Heritage site with one of the largest concentration of Brown Bears in the world. 

An extensive hut system means we can take part in hut-to-hut trips or set up camps deep in the backcountry. 

Let Niseko Zen bring you into the places we roam with a bespoke package fit for you and your group. 


This is home. Situated right behind Niseko United Resorts, this classic traverse can be done in two days. The rolling landscape snakes eastwards, putting you right on the Sea of Japan in the seaside town of Iwanai, where fresh seafood drawn from those waters is abundant.


Sunset from the top of Mount Yotei


Japan is a nation of volcanic islands, coursing with geothermal activity that shapes the land, creates hot springs, and throws plumes of vapors into the air. These iconic sulfuric plumes can be spotted in Asahidake on the way from the frontcountry into the backcountry.


Just south of Daisetsuzan National Park is the Hidaka Range, which is home to multi-day hikes and the only evidence of glaciation in Hokkaido, which have left behind moraines and cirques.

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